Social innovation is elegantly defined by Ingrid Burkett as, “the design and implementation of better ways to harness assets and meet needs, for the benefit of people and the planet”.

We often get stuck by only being able to see small variations on the way we currently do things, but expect a significant change in the outcomes to be created. In order to transform the outcome, we also need to transform the approach.

We need to:

  • involve new players and create new partnerships
  • look to other disciplines, and learn
  • involve beneficiaries as part of the innovation
  • look to the data, including relationships between different data sets
  • use a multi-stakeholder approach in the design process, and build a common vision and language
  • embed ongoing evaluations, so as to learn and adjust
  • build the capability of all partners to implement in a different way
  • reshape the environment in which that implementation takes place


Other Key Players

There are a number of other organisations that support social innovation in Australia, including:

Internationally, social innovation organisations include:


What to Read