Through our work with the social sector, we at Social Outcomes quickly came to realise that many stakeholders in the sector want more training and information about the measurement of social outcomes. As a sector, how do we measure our impact and performance? How do we robustly measure who our interventions benefit? What about the potential cost savings of our programs? How do we build budgets for programs?

With all these questions in mind, Social Outcomes is pleased to announce we are teaming up with Emma Tomkinson to provide workshops in Brisbane on social outcomes measurement. Two separate workshops will be provided on April 29 and April 30, 2015. Tickets are selling fast, so we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible (links below).

Emma Tomkinson is considered one of the leading authorities on social impact measurement in Australia. Emma brings a wealth of experience to the sector, having worked at the Centre for Social Impact Bonds in the UK Cabinet Office, the Third Sector Team at the UK National Audit Office, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, NSW Treasury, and the Board of Studies NSW. She has also worked in non-profit organisations, for the Centre for Social Impact in NSW and Social Finance in the UK. In February this year, Emma published Delivering the Promise of Social Outcomes: The Role of the Performance Analyst. Further information about Emma is available on her website.

To register for April 29 click here.

To register for April 30 click here.