Social Impact Research and Design

There is an increasing role for social impact research and design work to be undertaken at the concept stage of a project, so that social value creation is intentionally hard wired into any new undertaking. This work can also inform policy directions and government investment into such areas as social innovation, social procurement, impact investing and shared value.

We have been approached by corporates such as Lend Lease, as well as smaller consortiums, looking to tender for government development opportunities where the social value creation acts the the differentiator in the bid. We have undertaken evidence based design work that┬ácomplements and leverages off the physical infrastructure that is being built. This is more than an “add on” community contribution and improves the overall economic impact that a development can create.

We have also worked with government agencies such as the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the Queensland Mental Health Commission to research and design improvements to social impact and innovation.
In 2019, we worked with Arts Queensland to research the evidence base for the medium and long term social outcomes created through the arts, both in Australia and internationally.